Dear Editor: Llandruidion

Dear amigos Bunnington Post!

I am Boo. Last week your waiting staff, I guarded them. Staying on my farm they were! Guard my druid farm do I, consequently guard your staff I did.

I am Alpaca! I say ni! at those who pass. Is part of guarding farm to say ni! Alpaca of Ni. However, if blow up my nose gently anyone does, I not say ni!, because is friend.

Now for important news. I have studied the tutorials Floppage by Bouffe. Here are my studies.

I call first one, Flop Vertical (Upright Flop):

I call second one, Mitad Flop (Mid Flop):

I call third one, Completo Flop (Full Flop):

Good, no?

Next, I now learn eat carpet, jump on sofa and climb stairs!

Also, amiga goat sends instruction video about hay diving strategy. Hope you find inspiration!

Mi amiga Goat:

El conejo Jack says hola! too. Too shy for photo he was! Maybe because the guinea pig Snowy debated with the guineapig Cwtch over the food bowl. Spill food everywhere they did! Is a mess, the hutch is; consequently, no photo.

Amigos, muchas besos!

La alpaca que dice Ni!

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