Hello doll, part I

Hello doll.

You look lovely today.

I’ve missed you too.

Fancy sharing a carrot? I like carrot. We can have carrot.

I am going to get some.


Ooooh, I loooove his bottae! Look at it, it’s simply to die for! I can just see myself all snuggled up in the mansion, all cosy and warm while winter rages outside, talking about hay and nudging techniques and cables and such. May have to redecorate the mansion, come to think of it. What if he doesn’t like my colour scheme? I would have to get a new poo-poo tray. Oh well. I am sure it can be done. As long as he waits for the food bowl to be empty before flinging it around. I can’t stand it when I just know there is food in the hay and I can’t locate it!

Looks like he’s done some sterling work with the waitress training. I do believe that carrot is forthcoming!

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