Domestic Delores

Well, I am going to have to redecorate when Bouffe moves in with me, aren’t I? There is no way I am going to welcome him into my mansion without making him feel at home. I am a bun of refined tastes as my dear fans know. And I do know how to match my soft furnishings to my man!

So here I am, just trying out some new ways of draping and chewing some pretty new holes in our limo’s fleece. What do you think? Should I go for the doily look, which Bink liked so much, or mostly that faux-nonchalant draped look which my intuition tells me Bouffe might favour?

Ooh, so many things to consider… He is such a manly bun, is Bouffe, certainly not a metro geezerbun like Haas or the sensitive type like my beloved Bink. I sense Bouffe is more the bit-of-rough-though-closet-cuddler type.

In any case, Bouffe being such a force, and still in recovery from his ordeal before he was rescued, he’s currently living with our waiting staff to ensure they have sufficient training to serve his every need. I can’t wait for them to pass the exam, then we can finally start dating properly…

Yes, definitely, the nonchalant draped look. Stylish, non?

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