Dear Editor: Harvest Time

Dear all at the Bunnington Post!

Delores’s report on bringing in the lavender harvest the other week got our imagination going. We pestered our waitress until she bought us our very own practice-bush, and the results do not disappoint!

We got up early this morning to have plenty of time to develop our technique and also enoy the learning process.

Here is Mitzi trying the Under-Over harvest technique. We found this technique to be very good to reduce spillage.

However, the most efficient approach has to be the Two-Pronged Attack, as demonstrated below. It ensures each of us gets our fair share and the end result is a neatly trimmed bush.

We’re so pleased with our newfound nibble skills that we are now committed to using them on the wicker chair, the door post, waitress’s wellingtons and the odd visiting cat from now on!

Best wishes,

Tia & Mitzi

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