Harvest time

And so we sashay into autumn without so much as a warning, or so it seems.

What about that gale this week?! Katrijn absolutely refused to even sit near the window, the mayhem it was causing her beautiful mane! Poor thing.

Things have been hectic here at the BP Newsroom as you can imagine, what with Bink’s Tilt and his regular trips to the quacks on top of our normal seasonal schedule of keeping the grass in check, eating our way through windfall from the neighbour’s apple tree, mediating between drunk squirrels who have had one too many fermented apple, and taking panicky calls from assorted basket cases like Lady Gaga and Cameron, and just about everyone in between. I swear, when the seasons change everyone who is just a tiny bit insecure starts to throw wobblies all over the place.

This can only mean one thing, dear fashionistas: time to don your dungarees and neckerchiefs to bring in the harvest.

Yesterday it was time for the lavender to be harvested. It is a lot of work my dears, a LOT OF WORK.

This here is not just a pretty face as you know, being the versatile type that I am I effortlessly morph into a hardworking peasant bun at the drop of a straw hat when I need to. And I am telling you, it is F-U-N!

So, my darling fashion passion pleasure treasures, here is my style prediction for autumn 2011: aprons.

Stay with me – I can hear you gasp, just be at the forefront of fashion trends, pretend you’re in Stockholm if it helps, but give it a go. You will thank me later.

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