Haas Consultancy Ltd

Orrite Jot,

Fanks fer ge’in’ in touch. I ‘ave received yer le’er wiv in’erest. It seems yew ‘ave quite a problem ter deal wiv, let me give yew some expert advice.

Yeah, Ah’d say yer da whiffy, ‘airy type, but Ah can tell yer also da frien’ly sort. Ah finks da problem’s no’ you, i’s da ‘are.

See, in all yer piccies Ah’ve not ben able to discern, AKA discover rite, da so-called an’ mos’ importan’ Crows Nest Fer Moon Gazin’. Da poor ‘are ‘asn’ go’ anywheres ter engage in da aforemen’ioned gazin’/’owlin’ due’, while Ah would expec’ mesel’ ter be on an equal footin’ wif me due’in’ par’ner, like.

Ah includes a pic fer illus’ra’ive perpuses. Nuff said, mefinks.

So, frien’ Jot, ge’ yersel’ a ‘alf-decen’ builder an’ yer in biz wif dat doll of a ‘are. Le’ me know ‘ow yer ge’in’ on, dere’s a good geezer.

Nang luck. OK?


PS No offence like, but wot kind of a name izzat fer a doggie anyways? Jot. Yer waiters an’ waitresses need edchercatin’ if yer askin’ me. Sen’ ’em mah way anytimes fer a good conversa’ion, orrite. Me deepest sympathies, anyroad.

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  1. Jot, old chap, you’re not the only one in search for the right instructions. In fact, we’re all searching for some clear directions, isn’t that what’s life is all about? I want you to know that my thoughts are with you. And be patient, beloved, luck will come to you. If not: don’t bother, bury another eggbox….


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