…honestly Katrijn, I marched right out again and I said to Flops, if they give me such bad service at Costa I am just going to go to Starbucks, I said it’s not like Costa coffee grouts are the only kind in the world, you know what I mean?

Seersly ‘trijn, the attitude I was getting in that place, when I’ve always been a really good customer all this time and stuff, being cute rolling around in the grouts in the shop window, always pulling a crowd into the place, I mean, I must have contributed quite a bit to the bottom line in that shop, and now this? I was really upset.

But Flopsy wasn’t having any of it you know, he just went inside and said, listen up, I’m not leaving until my darling Tia gets her coffee grouts to roll in. She’s in a right old state out there, stamping and looking miserable, and it’s not fair. He said, honestly he did, he said to these people, I am going to chew right through this cable to your till unless you give me coffee grouts. There!

Yes he did, did he, my Flops…

Anyway, after that, they have me the freedom of the Costa Coffee in Waterstone’s though I had to promise I would stop nibbling the spines of nearby books. Which is a pity but we’ve got some at home and I can live with limiting myself to those.

So all’s well that ends well, and Flopsy and I will be able to enjoy the deepest black fur courtesy of Costa Coffee coffee grouts.

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