Flopsy’s Spots

So what do you put on yours then?

Well, coffee grouts work well, you get that deep black you want, plus it’s nourishing for the under coat I have discovered.

Oooh, interesting, I might give that a go on my darker ones. I don’t really have black spots, they are more a dark mottled grey, but I quite like going darker than that.

I often have to fight Tia over the coffee grouts though! She likes to roll in ’em, covering herself all over…

How unfair! How do you keep your white white? I use Haas and show him my white bits, he does a good grooming session when I can tempt him, hee hee!

Wow. Afraid I have to do my own grooming mostly, though the ladies do like to cuddle up and take care of my eyes and ears when the mood takes them. Put a word in for me would you?

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