Earl Hedge of Hog

Oooh, I say, Katrijn, you’ll never guess who I saw under the honseysuckle earlier today, looking resplendent in his Vivienne Westwood spiky waistcoat?

Oooh, Delores, let me guess, Vivienne Westwood waistcoat… Spikes… Edgy… Could it be…

No, it couldn’t. Or could it?


Yes! It was the Earl of Hog!

Oh, how marvellous, and how is Hedge these days, it’s been how long since his last visit? Must have been a year at least…

I don’t know, he was rushing off to the dry cleaner’s he said, something about a crushed snail on his lapel. Damn dashing he looked, very well-fed and a rotund bottae!

The Earl of Hog sporting his Vivienne Westwood waistcoat
Earl Hedge is famously partial to snails

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