Celebun welfare: housing

Rabbit Awareness Week reporting by Katrijn

The question of logomorph housing remains a hot topic even today. Many contemporary architects remain undereducated in the field of hutch design, as evidenced by shocking examples of sub standard rabbit dwellings still on the market today.

Figs. 1-2, substandard rabbit housing

Let me tell you what I want, what I really, really want:

1. A tall and roomy hutch I can hop around in and stretch out in, even stand on my toes in without touching the ceiling
2. A hutch that is warm and keeps drafts and rain out
3. A hutch which is cool and keeps out summer sun and heat
4. A hutch which doesn’t have a wire floor to hurt my delicate feet
5. A hutch with a hiding place that’s cosy and a bit dark for when I want some peace and quiet
6. A predator-proof hutch – those include mini-waiters and waitresses!
7. A hutch with outside space attached or nearby
8. A hutch that’s clean and smells nice
9. A hutch in a safe spot but close to the action – nice view preferred!
10. A hutch that attracts lots of visitors!

Fig. 3, Bink and Delores’s two-story hutch

Outside space is important…

Fig. 4, outside space

Because we need our exercise…

Fig. 5, Kaninhop training

…even when it’s cold outside!

Fig 6, Chasing snow bunnies

Space to cool off in…

Fig. 7 Haas a-chillin’

…because we can only sweat through the soles of our feet. Truly!

Why do we need a Rabbit Awareness Week in the UK? Read about the shocking truth in our quality sister paper, The Guardian.

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