Celebun welfare: entertainment

Rabbit Awareness Week reporting by Haas

So, we like ter ‘ave a bi’ of fun like, a bit of men’al stimula’ion in addi’ion ter da fine dinin’ ‘n all. So ‘ere’s me two pennies’ worf of entertainmen’ fer da discerning Celebun of terday. Or sunfink like dat.

1. Daily cuddles

Shouldn” need an explerna’ion, but jus’ in case me readership ‘ave left da ole brain in da glass on da night table dis mornin’, we buns are a tactile lot. Call me a metrobun, but Ah likes me cuddlin’ as long as da technique is approved.

Fig. 1, Katrijn demenstra’in’ da correct way ter cuddle a waitress

2. A good view

Yeah, we like ter keep an eye on fings. So expec’ lotsa twitchin’ curtains wif a Celebun livin’ next door…

Fig. 2, Surveyin’ da estate

3. Diggin’ an’ engineerin’

As fer mental stimerla’ion, nuffink beats a bi’ o’ diggin’ or fixin’ fings…

Fig. 3. Diggin’ wif a view

4. Toys

Ah likes me toys, ORRITE, Ahm bribable, gizza toy an’ Ah’ll love yer even more. Spesh toys wif food in ’em!

Figs. 5-6, Footie

5. Fuss

Yeah, we likes a fuss. An’ wot of it? We like fussin’, bein’ fussed ova, fuss ter watch from a distance, fuss ‘n food, bein’ fussy. Fuss=good.

Fig. 7, fuss executed to perfection

Why do we need a Rabbit Awareness Week in the UK? Read about the shocking truth in our quality sister paper, The Guardian.

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