A Bink fix


Mereckons i”s time we sor’ed Bink’s Cloakin’ Device one ‘n fer all. Ah’ve ‘ad enuff a’ lookin’ a’ me mate all sad ‘n depressed ova dis ‘ere faul’y device ‘n poor cussemer service from Bunnifrey. Make a grown geezerbun cry lookin’ a’ ‘im, been fru a lot, ‘as Bink, is abaht time ‘e ‘ad sumfink nice ‘appen all by itsel’.

Wot ‘ave we ‘ere…

‘mmmm, yes….

Some structural instabili’y in da rite booster unit.

Aha. Same problem on da lef’. No’ doin’ da boostin’ are we? We’ll see abaht dat. Take dis…


…and this…


… Hah! Oughtta do i’.

Wot else… Mah engineerin’ instinc’ tells me dere’s more ter dis ‘ere malfunc’ion…

Le”s ‘ave a looky at da oscillatin’. Go”a ge’cher oscillatin’ forces goin’ at da rite time yeah, on account of da calibra’ion of da cloakin’ bein’ outta sync offawise. No’ a good fink if ya want yer lite difrac’ion speeds to match yer fur colour ‘n get some cloakin’ goin’, geddit?

Where’d dem Bunnifreyan DYIers put da oscilloscope on dis brick? Usually frontmoun’ed.

Eh? A rear moun’ed oscilloscope. Ama’eurs… Anyroads.

Get da defibrilla’or out…

Dis one’s fer upsettin’ me mate Bink, yer good-fer- nuffink-piece-a-smelly-space-debris!


Bob’s yer uncle! Looks nicely in synch ter me now.

Quick test of da front stabilisers next… Brick feels a li”le wobbly ter me.

Needs tightenin’ up is all… Dere.

Nice ‘n steady she goes… No’ a wobbly ter be felt.

Double-check da rear moun’ed oscilloscope fer a las’ li”le tweak…

All done, dis ‘ere Cloakin’ Device is as good as new! Bink will be pleased… ‘ere’s ter you mate!

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