Exposed: sizeist fashion

I’ve had so many responses from readers after my last post exposing the shocking conditions in Britain’s changing rooms, it’s heartening to hear how many of you are cheering me on in my quest to improve once and for all the fashion experience in this country.

Big bottomed ladies have had enough! Don’t put up with ill-fitting dresses! Enough with the sizeist fashion maffia shoehorning us into tiny garments! We and our bottae wish to dress to match our personalities. The problem is so widespread, it will take more than trailblazing me and my dear fellow secret shopper super-stylish fashionista friend Mary Portas to change the world for good.

Demand more! Make yourself heard! Take to the streets!

No ifs, no buts, we want a better cut!

So, lots of you want to know how come that despite all this I still manage to look so well dressed and stylish at all times. Of course I’m willing the spill the carrots and parsnips on that one! I would do anything for my loyal following.

Here’s the secret of my style: If you are not happy with the cut and size of a garment you have your pretty eye on, take your incisors to it and MAKE IT FIT. Simple as. Now, for all you refashion-virgins, here’s my very own tutorial to get you started!

Warning! Contains images viewers belonging to the anti-cruelty-to-fashion movement may find upsetting

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