Trousers up!

My dear fashionista followers and I have been getting very excited about S/S 2011 collections arriving in shops imminently. Begone, dregs of the January sales! If we had wanted those camel peg leg chino experiments, we’d have bought them by New Year’s Eve, I thank you, Zara. So to those of you who are still channeling Boxing Day sales, I say welcome to February!

Of course I have started to revamp my look. It’s not only practical as the March-November British mud-season is once again approaching, but it’s also getting a little too toasty residing under layers and layers of fat and fur.

Behold my new physique, the result of the hay diet (I am talking the real thing darling and not this faddy food groups diet of course!) and the spa regime I submitted myself to last month.

But my major fashion prediction for spring is all about trouser-length: yes, you heard it from me first, the trousers are shortening this season! I am thinking, cropped and cute as in Uma in Pulp Fiction flashing a well-turned ankle in Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest. Less fluff and flare equals elegance, my dears.

So say goodbye to this:

… and prepare for something even less fluffy than this, my February trousers:

Happy shopping!

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