Lappish Lagomorph

Brillian’ spa we an’ da wife ‘ad our break a’ las’ week. Got me daily cu”le ‘n massage, got me excercise in da garden, an’ da food wos plen’iful tas’y too. Lo’s a time wif da fluffy ‘trijn as well, Ah can ‘onestly says da sta’e of me marriage ‘asn’ been be”er as a resul’!

So Ah’ve ‘ad a fink abou’ me recen’ iFone issues orrite, an’ ‘ave decided i”s all relative, yeah? Ah mean, take a look a’ dis ‘ere pic sen’ in by my Lappish cousin Lappo Lemminkäinen who ‘as ‘ad ter pay for some waiters ter ‘elp ‘im find ‘is iFone on Ylläsfell:

Anyone ou’ dere know wot ‘Lähetin minun iPhone’ means?

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