2011’s first style crime

Delores! Delores!


Getcher shapely arse over ‘ere hunnibunch, an’ take a looky a’ dem dese clogfings ova ‘ere.

Wot on urf is da waitress wearin’?! Ah mean, even Ah’ve go”a avert me eyes like, ‘n Ahm a geezabun, ‘n all… seersly criminal fashion behaviah, mefinks!


  1. Klompen should be introduced with care. Please be aware of risks of exposure to indigenous peoples, animals and plants. Cf. Dutch treat and Dutch nigthingale


  2. Nah! That waitress is stylin’! Bright red clogs are the next big thing in footwear. I heard it on NPR. Anyway, I dare say Madam Delores would agree that they are much easier on the eye than those awful Uggs.

    Now if only the bowler hat would make a return….


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