Dear Editor: VAT

Dear Editor,

What the heck is going on over there in the UK? Did we not read your lips during the elections: No new VAT increase? I have a mind to come on over there and talk some sense into you people if it wasn’t for the new quota restrictions on transatlantic fur ball transport kicking in today as well.

Anyone who upsets my friend Bink is in my bad books. Spesh if your name so happens to be George. Or Ed. Geezopete! What’s with Ed anyway these days? Wants an apology for calling the rise ‘progressive’? You got nothing better to do Ed than debate semantics? Not my brand of opposition, I tell you.

I got a tip for you Ed, give you a little inspiration for your next PMQs. Here’s a clue, as demonstrated by me and my good friend, Harry ‘Hairsteen’ Tiltster:

That’s right: Kiss My Hairy Butt.

As for George, I’d leave the Michigan left to the locals. No point trying to compete with the real thing.


Gozer the Destructor
Michigan, US

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