World Cup preparations

So, Fabio has finally stopped crying down the phone to me.  He doesn’t take too kindly to the ‘I told you so’ message but I believe in tough love.  There’s always Brazil 2014, is what I say.  Treat yourself to another Rolex or something, if it helps.


Bert’s another story… Abandoning the Cruyff legacy, about time too.  Why stick to the ideas of a man who has enriched the world with nuggets of wisdom such as ‘You’ve got to shoot, otherwise you can’t score’ and ‘to win you have got to score one more goal than your opponent’?  Quite.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the Dutch strategy for tonight. My lips are sealed, you understand. Let’s just say I’ve tested a few scenarios with Bink and Delores and Haas, and shared some insights with Bert throughout the tournament.  All he has to do is follow my advice (are you listening, Fabio??) and we should be home dry.

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