To moult or not to moult

Oooh, I don’t know… Shall I get rid of the extensions, Snog, Marry Avoid-style?  I mean, I do like my mane, it makes me into who I am, and I do think that it has a very welcome slimming effect.  Married life is not good for the waistline, you know.

Lots of work, too, keeping the mane in check.  I can’t stand it if it gets all knotty, ooooh no, it really irritates me when that happens.

She helps me sometimes, brings a special brush and all that, very nice when I’m moulting on the bum and it all gets a little too fluffy and itchy. But then she uses the same brush on that fat old stripey wench next door, she of the spy-husband.  I’m sure that’s where I got Fluffy Mane Syndrome from.

Fashion this spring is for short hair, decisions, decisions!  What to do?  I’m sure I can’t bear to be parted with it!

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