The wee bun

Nothing is quite as refreshing as weeing on the lawn.  There’s something about the smell of damp grass that is inspirational.  Still, got to be considerate and find a quiet spot so as not to make a mess.

Ooh!  What’s that?  A poltergeist on the lawn!!  Whole pieces of carrot being lifted into the air by something invisible, scary!   Can you hear those eerie sounds?  Like a bun eating breakfast, sounds like he’s rather enjoying himself, too.

Well.  An appreciative bun-poltergeist  is of course a whole lot better than a red kite hovering over your head while you’re trying to get some me-time in the country.

Or could it be that it’s one of those special invisible rabbits, this Super Secret Hero Rabbit that come with sonic screwdrivers.  Might come in handy one day you know.  I mean, what is the point of a poltergeist anyway?!

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