Katrijn makes up her mind

Ooooh here we go, it’s that time again… Never quite know what to think, really, to be honest, more or less. She does this every morning, I know that, and it all seems quite above board, but still, one can never be quite sure.

Best go downstairs for a bit and let him deal with it. He does get the best bits this way of course. I wonder if I’m missing out?

Look at him… nothing ever bothers him does it? Mind you, anyone waving a carrot in his general direction gets rewarded with a double somersault with backflip he’s that excitable.

Oooh, I don’t know… It does smell nice too.

Of course it’s a nice breakfast most of the time, though I don’t care much for that horrid broccoli. I do eat it when no-one is looking, of course. Nobody needs to know, do they?

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