Bespoke Food Waste Services

Bunnington Post Bespoke Food Waste Consultancy, no job too big. Dial nine-bun-bun for a many strings attached consultation. 

Is your compost bin bursting at the seams?

We have all been there: deciding what to do with those pesky carrot tops, orphan ends of broccoli, discarded cauliflower leaves and of course, that kale you meant to put in your smoothie and then chickened out about and went to get a MaccyD milkshake instead.

The result: an overflowing compost bin, burping and belching with that food waste you should have been so much more careful with, a daily reminder of your terrible shortcomings and obvious failings.

Are your neighbours avoiding you?

The social implications of producing too much food waste cannot be overstated. That awful moment each week when you carry your food waste caddy to the kerb for emptying, and discover that once again, yours is the fullest of them all.

Those furtive glances in the street as you carry yet more vegetables home.

Those awkward silences as you bump into your neighbour in the produce aisle at Sainsbury’s, just as you are eyeing up that lovely Cavolo Nero that is so hard to resist.

That look on your friend’s face when they smell spinach on you.

Are you racked with food waste-guilt?

All this takes its toll on humans. You cannot help being a fragile species…

For humans, food waste leads to social exclusion, public shaming, low self-esteem, vegetable binge eating and ultimately, more food waste.

Guilt leads to a cycle of healthy eating, dietary diversification and you guessed it, more food waste. It becomes a never-ending cycle of guilt, bingeing, chopped off ends of radishes, cucumbers and the stalky bits of asparagus.

Your mental health matters to us

We deeply care about your wasteful ways. Wouldn’t you like to go back to being a respected citizen once again? One that is looked upon in admiration for being a responsible recycler and reducer of food waste? The neighbour with the most respectably empty food caddy at the kerb?

That is why we are able to offer a new service to ease your pain.

We have the solution to your problem

Discover for yourself the made-to-measure solutions we offer our customers. Depending on the precise nature of your problem we can offer bespoke services including:

  • Circling your feet in the kitchen in the pre-production stage
  • Designing and executing unique tripping hazards in food preparation areas
  • Wake-up service at 3 or 5am
  • Transformation services including our premium fertiliser production line
  • Our Bum Berry Visual Reminder Service™

Meet the team: Magnus Maximus Bunnius

Maximus may be the smallest of our Lagomorph Food Waste Consultants, but he packs a punch when it comes to speed eating those leftover bits from the kitchen.

Never one to shy away from a sliver of this or that, you will find Maximus a most effective food waste communicator. He has perfected the round-eyed look of stricken distress when he senses a food waste situation developing, and will have you change your erroneous ways in no time.

Maximus’ service is most suited to those clients with an emotional eating problem.

Meet the team: Livia Bun

The latest addition to our team, Livia Bun has a unique approach to developing a higher level of awareness around food waste.

As one of our most effective Mobile Fertiliser Units, Livia specialises in visualising your wastefulness through our new Bum Berry Visual Reminder Service™.

We recommend Livia’s services as especially suitable for clients with a visual learning style.

Meet the team: Obelix and Drusilla

Our most experienced consultants and much loved by our clients for the consistency in their service delivery.

Obelix and Drusilla specialise in speed waste reduction and high-volume projects, renowned for their tenacious persistence in getting their teeth around those odds and ends that would otherwise end up on the compost heap.

If that is not impressive enough, Obelix and Drusilla are also our most powerful Mobile Fertiliser Units with output consistently clocking in at two wheelbarrow loads per week.

Need tot take care of volume at speed? Obelix and Drusilla are what you need!

Now taking bookings

First come, first served. Call 9 Bun-Bun today to get your expensive, many strings attached quote now.

Random Terms and Conditions Apply. All Rights Reserved. Your Reputation May Be At Risk If You Do Not Keep Up Appearances. Subject To Availability Of Correct Mood And Attitudes. Our Lagomorph Consultants Deserve To Receive Frequent Praise, Adulation And Noserubs. Prolonged Absence From Home Will Not Be Tolerated. No Refunds Given. Consumer Rights Do Not Apply. Purchase At Own Risk.


  1. This post is just perfect 😀 I have only one now here but he is quite prolific at making sure I remember where I stand!


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