Be discerningly snarfalicious

We like to snarf many things. Top of the list has to be our personal hay bale.

It is snarfalicious because it is locally sourced and aside from bundling up and being shaken (not stirred) to remove dust, nothing has happened to it.

We also like to snarf our outfits. We choose to grow our own-we encourage you to do the same! Lockdown locks, tick. Covid beard, tick. Treat yourself!

Be bold, be hairy. It is The Best.

Eat your greens. Try freshly plucked grass! Just send your waiter, footman or any member of your staff to get you some from your friendly local meadow.

Hot tip for our urban friends: try a juice bar that cutely hasn’t moved on from the rye grass thing. Not quite retro yet, so this may be harder to find these days.

Even better: get them to grow your personal snarf stash of grass. Window box = winner.

So why be a smarter snarfer? Because every snarf counts if we want to continue to enjoy and peruse our beautiful planet for much longer. She is groaning under our presence, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Snarf a little less, sniff around for those deliciously sustainable snarfs, and show your adored and battered, well-used and lovingly cared for snarfings to all and sundry to encourage them how to become a discerning snarfer too.

Got tips? Comment below!

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