Stealth take-over


It has been some three months or so since we decided to colonise the Bunnington Post. Since our arrival we have taken our time sussing out our new staff, doing a TNA, reviewing the existing SLA to suit our specific needs, putting into place new KPIs, introducing PDPs for our staff in addition to their ARs and of course had various people sign NDAs because the old one was voided with the tragic loss of our illustrious predecessor, Professor Dr Katrijn PhD. It certainly is in her memory that we are doing a thorough job.

It’s been busy and this could very easily have interfered with our nap time, we hear you think. Let us reassure you on that front… This is where delegation and multitasking come in.

You see, the art of leadership lies in making your staff think you are doing things for them while getting them to do all the legwork. Very effective.

Drusilla, the giant white red-eyed rabbit, takes a nap on a folding garden chair placed on the grass in front of her summer house. She sits with her front legs tucked in in the so-called 'bunny loaf' position and has her eyes closed. The cream door of the blue summer house behind her is open and some of the inside of the summer house is visible behind her: the coir carpet on the floor and a light blue blanket covering the travel cage, which is partially in the doorway. In the top left corner we can see part of the green parasol. In the right bottom corner are the paving slabs and pebbles that lead to the door.
Drusilla takes a nap while simultaneously providing supervision

There has been no lack of beauty sleeps chez nous, and that is just as well because there are big boots to fill in that respect.

Supervising staff remains our priority for now. They are still on probation after all.

Drusilla the giant white red eyed rabbit looks into the garden from just inside the open door of her summer house. In the foreground, taking up the bottom half of the image are the pavers leading to the open door. The bottom half of the cream door is visible on the right, the rtop right of the image shows the greenery in the background and the pink flowers of a fuchsia. A wooden clog and a large rounded stone are near the bottom of the door on the right. Some of the inside of the summerhouse is visible too behind Drusilla, most notably a cardboard box, the coir carpet and in the top left corner the low light is reflected in a couple of paint tins stacked on top of a work bench agains the back wall. Directly behind Drusilla the open door to her pink travel cage can be made out.
Drusilla providing guidance to the photographer.

So far, the signs are good. For instance, our staff translated our requirements for sufficient space and privacy into a bespoke solution.

Depending on time of day, we will be taking our naps in various locations. On pleasant days, we prefer our blue lean-to in front of our summer house. We have scratched ourselves a comfortable little bowl in the earth to fit our ample bottoms in.

Obelix the giant white red eyed rabbit reclines under his lean-to outside his blue summer house. He is in the bottom right hand quarter of the image, pictured side-on and facing left. There is loose earth scattered in front of him. His lean-to is made from a wood trellis covered in a light blue bedspread. The slabs in front of the summerhouse are well visible in the bottom half of the image, and on the left part of the blue wall of the summer house is seen. Two brown ceramic bowls are nesting in front of the wall. The cream door is open and seen in the top half of the image.
Bespoke south facing lean-to for pleasant morning naps.

The afternoons are most pleasantly spent in our west-facing lean-to, where the paving slabs remain cool longer on warm days. The veranda to two sides of our summer house is a real bonus.

Drusilla the giant white red eyed rabbit lies stretched out under a lean-to made of three wood planks leaning against the side wall of her blue summer house. She is seen from the front with her legs stretched out in front and behind her. The right of the image is taken up but the blue of the summer house wall, and a round, wood pole is bisecting the image from top to bottom. Drusilla is lying down on large grey stone slabs covered in small pebbles and moss. in the top of the image and in the top left hand corder we can see the metal panels of her pen.
Drusilla relaxes under the West Lean-To

But the best bespoke solution we have managed to get our staff to design and implement is our large outside playpen, connected to our summerhouse and veranda by a 12 foot pipe.

We had a survey done and settled on the sadly neglected vegetable garden which borders on the flower garden for our new playground. It is full of delicious weeds and grasses and had a large amount of bare soil to dig in.

Image of Drusilla and Obelix's play pen. the bottom half of the image has weeds and grass, and on the left a tent-like structure with a blue fabric covering is prominently seen. Obelix is sitting next to it, his ears are pointing forwards and he he pictured side-on. On the right of the image, exactly halfway a large, black plastic pipe is visible through the thin bars of the pen's metal panels. Drusilla is exiting the pipe into the pen, her head, ears and shoulders have already emerged. There is a tall wood pole to the left of Drusilla propping up the clothesline, and a cream cloth bag containing clothes pins dangles from the line in the top right corner of the image. There is a large geen shrub in the background.
In the top half of the image we can see the green fence panels separating the garden from the neighbours', and part of their roof and windows are visible.
Personal Playground connected by Pipe

Sadly on thing was non-negotiable as far as our security-conscious staff was concerned: they insisted on installing CCTV to catch trespassers immediately and protect our privacy in this hidden corner of the garden.

We don’t mind, and when the mood takes us, we’ll even put on a show to entertain them. Here is Drusilla enjoying her favourite chair once more.

Oh and by the way: being the millennial buns that we are, find us on Instagram to see what we’re up to on an almost daily basis. Nosebumps!

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