Editorial: times have changed

We had plans to introduce ourselves properly and publish our editorial strategy for The Bunnington Post this week, but as the human species is making a mess again, we’ll do it quickly here and get going on the real stuff straight after.


I am Obelix, joint Editor-in-Chief of the Bunnington Post. No, I did not fall into a vat of magic potion as a baby, I am naturally unstoppable and extremely fast in every way.

My specialities are elongation and pursuit. You will soon find out what that means in editorial terms. I am a busy bun with human staff who are still in training, but I have to say, our predecessors have done a great job conditioning them. All will be well.


I am Drusilla, joint Editor-in-Chief of the Bunnington Post. I have spent the last two years in overseas postings until duty called me to my native shores once again to help address several domestic and international crises. There are rumours of irate dictators whose toys I have allegedly sabotaged, but I could not possibly confirm or deny these rumours.

I decided on a job share with Obelix because I have a primary career that I cannot really talk about and will continue in, and because he complements my investigative powers. I mean, journalism.

We need to talk

The world’s a mess. Your species can be utterly hopeless at being responsible, and are currently doing a fine job at destroying our – our – natural habitat, using up natural resources way faster than the planet can replenish them, sowing division and hatred amongst yourselves just when you need each other the most and completely missing the point of what it means to be alive.

The Bunnington Post has a long and proud tradition of calling out political bullshit and holding people – individuals and society – to account on its actions. That’s not going to change. In fact, now is the time to make ourselves heard more than ever, to take every action you can and stand by them even when you are scared there will be consequences. This is how we will make a better world.

About those fluffy bun pics…

We can’t help being photogenic, of course. We can’t help being in love and we can’t help being cute and – without meaning to – entertaining at times. We’ll be throwing everything we’ve got, including fluffy bun pics, at getting people to think about and acting for a fairer world.

We are going to be making serious asks of you and we want you to at least consider those asks with an open mind and an honest heart each time we do. And if you feel we are asking too much, remember this:

“Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” 

John Stuart Mill, inaugural address at the University of St. Andrews, 1867

If you want us to keep putting out fluffy bun pics, take action

There is too much going on right now to pretend we have nothing to do with it and it wasn’t something we’ve created ourselves. Make a difference when and where you can. Raise your voice!

Sign this:

George Floyd: Public open letter against racism and police brutality – Avaaz

Institutional racism is real. Police brutality kills, and it exists not only in the US, but in the UK and across the globe. If you do only one thing, sign the open letter and cry out about George Floyd’s murder.

Thank you: keep being the change you want to see in the world.

Rest In Power, George Floyd.

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