Meanwhile, in Amsterdam…

Orrite, Cousin Haas?

Look at this lawn, yeah, it’s the good stuff. We like it a lot. Plenty of space to boss peeps around and such, bit of hanging around commenting on best and worst dressed, sloppiest bicycling or award for carrying the most kids/shopping bags/beer crates on a single bike being ridden, that sort of thing.

IMG_20180413_1957202The locals are kind of nice, they cut the lawn so we always have nice juicy grass and leave plenty of weeds in places. Got some nice bushes to hide in too. All in all not too shabby!

Gets a bit busy on warm days tho, they go all nostalgic over sunshine and have these 1950s picnics and the like. It’s OK with us, as long as they don’t flatten our din-dins too much.

Anyway, you and the wife must come spend the summer here. We’ll have fun intimidating the resident scaredy cats and those yappy city dogs they have around here. it’ll be nice to hang out with the  AKB [Amsterdam Killer Bunnies, ed.] gang for a bit.

Plus you can take a break from your #StopBrexit campaigning. We’re all rather perplexed by the whole thing over here, tbh. Seriously, what’s got into these Brits?! Anyway, we’ll put the whole thing to rights.

Nosebumps from your cousins,

Klaas-Jan and Annechien Hazebroek

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