Goodbye, dear Bouffe

2006 – 8th August 2017



  1. Oh my gosh…I am so SO very sorry for your loss. 😥 😥 I’ve been on an all things ‘social media’ break for a spell, followed you via twitter as “Book Gobbler”, was totally shocked to see this via twitter email updates tonight…there are really just no words….

    …please know that this sweet bun had one hell of a wonderful, blessed life with you for many amazing years. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing him with everyone, and for showing the world that there is life and love to share with a special needs bun – the key word being special. So very, very special.

    With love, always. ❤


    1. Thank you Laura,

      we have felt consoled by the many messages from Bouffe’s friends around the world. We can’t seem to adjust to his absence… All bunnies leave a huge hole and Bouffe’s is particularly large. Hopefully his story continues to help more bunnies elsewhere. Another consoling thought for us!

      Snorgles from us all,



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