Goodbye, dear Latte

Master Zenbun Latte, husband of Frappe and spiritual guide of the Greater London area has died at the weekend after enduring a short illness.


Latte, whose age was shrouded in mystery as befitted his station as Celestial Lagomorph Zen Master of the 19th generation, lived a fulfilling life of contemplation and munching.


Latte’s favourite pass time was to practice is Zenbunnery from an elevated position, so that he may exercise his seven senses to their full effect on behalf of the universe while also being the first to know when treats were forthcoming.  Ever the pragmatist, Latte knew how to marry his cosmic responsibilities with the earthly needs of his mortal form and those of his wife and staff.

His appetite never failed him until the last morning of his existence in the material world.


As a respected elderbun Latte’s staff received many requests for audiences which they tried to meet as much as possible. His exceptional skill at administering snorgles to human life forms was renowned the world over and soon a long distance snorgle service was established. This helped thousands of people who were unable to travel to the Master himself but craved the soothing effects of a Latte session.

For some six months in 2016 Latte and Frappe decided to take a sabbatical in leafy Oxfordshire to temporarily relieve his permanent staff of the responsibilities of serving a Higher Being. Their interim staff required a lot of training, which they cleverly compensated by allowing Frappe to chew on the shed and by installing a meditation plank for Latte.


They were warmly welcomed by Haas and Katrijn and received frequent visits from Bouffe.


On Friday Latte was admitted for dental surgery which didn’t agree with him. On Saturday morning Latte decided to begin his next journey and join his ancestors.


? – 2017

Guardian of the Bunniverse

19th Generation Grand Master of the Celestial Order of Zenbuns

Eternally adored husbun of Frappe

Spiritual Adviser of Deborah and John

Forever in the hearts of his friends at The Bunnington Post


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