You can stick your travel ban…

Last morning in our old jobs. Doing a hay box inspection for Bouffe

Shocker of a weekend. The wife and I were busy doing our jobs of approving Bouffe’s hay box and doing our perimeter patrols when news crews started arriving. On Sunday morning, no less. Imagine how that went down in our peaceful village!

Guess what?


You guessed it.

So, as the New York Times reporter tried to push the CNN crew out of her way to interview me about ‘President’ Loud And Smelly Fart’s travel ban Frappe and I had a quick conflab and decided to make a stand. We must use our celebrity status and an international reach to protest against racism, bigotry, hatred and religious intolerance informing political decisions that rip apart families and communities and only serve to breed more racism, bigotry, hatred and religious intolerance.

Worse still, the more we keep silent, the more demagogues like Putin and Loud  And Smelly Fart take our inaction as approval and encouragement to try the next thing.

And… if you tolerate this, then your children will be next

Thank you Manic Street Preachers for predicting Trumpageddon way back in the 1990s.

We decided to join protesters at JFK and ordered an Uber.

Uber driver looked like a waitress I used to employ way back when
I did pee on that carpet. You pee on it, you own it

We thought it best to go full-on Occupy and travel light but still take our hutch, food, bowls, hay, carrots, hot-hots, toys, litter trays, and water bottles.

In it for the long haul

We decided to ditch our temporary staff though.

Someone needs to stay behind and look after Bouffe and HaKa who will be doing the breakfast shows-and-late night shows circuits as well as their usual expert commentary for all and sundry media outlets.

We will not be silenced
Posing for campaign poster photos

So here we are, behind security at JFK, good job we brought the hutch, because it turns out the travel ban extends to lagomorph dissenters too.

JFK ain’t half bad

Met some lovely people who are trying (in vain, I might add) to teach us various chants. Doesn’t matter: our presence has already generated significant media interest and resulted in some lovely pictures for the family album.

We’re quite comfortable here, got some nice new staff enabling us to do our new jobs, and Frappe has already chinned her first drain pipe.

You chin it, you own it.

Bye bye Bouffe, Haas and Katrijn! Reporting from the frontlines of dissent,

Latte and Frappe

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