Recruiting new staff: Latte and Frappe

Midwinter sun

After several weeks of deliberation, coaching sessions, board meetings and Twitter polling, we have come to the difficult decision to sack our official waiter and waitress. We do not wish to go into specifics but as a precautionary tale to other staff we can share here that snorgle quantity has been an influence in this decision.

I thote I thaw a puddycat



We are recruiting new staff and if you think you are up to the role, here is the job description:

Waiter/Waitress Responsibilities

  • Providing excellent snorgles that promote satisfaction with service received and life in general
  • Presenting brekkers, daytime snackettes and evening pellets with sufficient deference
  • Understanding our dietary needs as opposed to our dietary wants
  • Arrange bedding attractively and maintain a clean, warm in winter, cool in summer hutch
  • Cooperate with all staff including our security detail, mane technicians and publicists
  • Safeguard our health



  • Proven work experience as a waiter or waitress preferred
  • Ability to develop constructive working and interspecies relationships with lagomorphs
  • Service orientation under all circumstances
  • Hands on experience with mucking out hutches
  • Excellent snorgle techniques (coaching available)

The ears are woolly

What we offer

  • Excellent company
  • Affectionate snorgles
  • Entertainment
  • Celebrity status
  • Unwavering loyalty to the right waiter/waitress
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Perks of the job

  • We bring our own hutch and cover
  • We bring our own portable run
  • We bring our own food bowl and water bottle
  • We bring a stash of food pellets, hay, straw and bedding for our first few days
  • Advice and support from our interim waiter and waitress
  • A list of foods we like, dislike and like but are no good for us (bummer)

If you think you have what it takes to look after us for ever and ever and let us love you to the moon and back, please visit our profile on Rabbit Rehome. We are being fostered in north Oxfordshire at present where you can come and have an audience with us if you are interested in applying for the job.

No agencies, paparazzi and Daily Mail interview requests please.

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    1. Not yet… It’s a daunting prospect taking us on of course, you have to free up space for our security people and out in extra phone lines to cope with the fan calls and interview requests. We’ll keep everything crossed though!


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