Travolta takes lead in Trump biopic

++++ EXCLUSIVE ++++

The Bunnington Post can exclusively reveal that John Travolta is slated to play Donald Trump in a tell-all Trump biopic, working title The art of the Grab.

Travolta was seen leaving Dr Katrijn’s offices following counselling sessions to help get into character to play an entrenched misogynist, a narcissistic megalomaniac racist with multiple suspected personality disorders who is trying to hide from the reality of multiple bankruptcies, including several moral ones.

The academy award nominee was overheard saying that at times he had played any of the above, but to play a character displaying all of the above in one single character was the biggest challenge of his career to date.




Time spent in make-up to achieve the hair and the orange complexion is said to be gruelling to the point of exhaustion for the star of films such as Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever.

At 62 Travolta is eight years younger than Trump.

“Quite how Donald gets anything done in his day is beyond me – I spend sixteen hours a day in the make-up artist’s chair ahead of shooting, and that’s just the spray tan.

I suspect he meant it literally when he said he doesn’t need much sleep, but I on the other hand do…”

Katrijn has released a statement saying she does not disclose what is discussed in her treatment room but hinted that tips about caring for a mane were exchanged.

The film is scheduled for a straight-to-DVD release in 2020.


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  1. I love it when something as funny as this (and clever!) arrives in my mail box in the morning. It just makes the rest of the day go merrily. I especially loved the pic of Travolta with the wig.


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