Aaltje on bad staff habits

Dear Bunnington Post,

I am a long-tailed, short-eared wabbit and I have picked up a lot of training tips for my staff from reading The Bunnington Post. Without your sage advice I would never have been bold enough to teach my staff to vacate the sofa on my approach or get them to buy a kingsize bed because all three of us need to fit in it at night.

I have a question.


Do you think it is acceptable for staff to share my toothbrush? We have had quite a few discussions, shall we say, on the subject and it appears to be a bit of a sore point with both of them. Personally I think they should fork out and get their own. How have you solved this problem with your staff?

Any thoughts and advice welcome.

Affectionate nosebumps and snorgles,



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