C’est moi, Tati!

Dear Bunnington Post!

Je suis your newest fan. I am Tati! I live here:



When I was six weeks old I decided to live by myself in a ditch.

Then a lady came and she made nice noises. She picked me up – zut alors! – and she smelled really nice, so she was allowed to cuddle me.

We also sat sit in a chair and I was very sleepy.

Tati asleep

This is my sheep.

Tati and sheep

When I grow up I want to be like Haas and dig tunnels. Maybe a new tunnel to England because the one we have isn’t big enough for all the people that want to go in it.

I also have a pot like Haas.

My favourite Bunnington Post editor is Bouffe because he is French like me.

I am now going to eat a shoe


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