The Bunny on the Tube (part six)

What you see is what you get.

Magicians, illusionists, politicians and other con-men,
they all say exactly this: “what you see is what you get”.
They know the unknown, they can see the unseen.
All you see, is what they allow you to see.
That’s what you get.

Stage magicians often use mirrors to create an illusion,
but that very same mirror can also be used to destroy it.
I’m pretty confident this bunny wouldn’t mind sharing us,
what’s being said behind his back.
It’s not gossip, oh no, it’s worse. It’s the truth!

“Assurez-vous qu’ils avalent le moins de dentifrice possible”.
(make sure your kid doesn’t swallow this toothpaste)
Ahah! bien sur! Haha!
And just because it’s in the fine print, we have to assume all is fine.
Ahah! Naturellement! Haha!

Poisoning little children for a profit, would probably
cause a dent to the reputation of the manufacturer.
Maybe even a megadent.
But our bunny hero knows better;
It’s an ultradent!

It’s all so obvious, it’s all so very clear.
And yet, I’m still not entirely convinced.
There are some doubts, still.
I just need to examine this bunny closer.
A little bit.

Bunny On the Tube 6

Exclusively for The Bunnington Post by Michael Forest

© Michael Forest 2014