The Bunny on the Tube (part five)

What you see is what you get.Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
This is not about what you see,
it’s what you read.
It’s the words, stupid!

It’s all about cause and effect.
You can look at the effect, the funny bunny,
but you need to do some reading to get the cause.
The second word, a neuro toxin, is bad enough by itself,
but the real devil is hidden in the first word.

The only thing this poor bunny can do is giggle.
We, as humans, on the other hand, we can google.
You can follow this rabbit down the hole, if you wish,
but you won’t end up in Wonderland, like Alice did.

This bunny is blowing the whistle.
It’s rabbitradicalism!

It just can’t be true,
It’s too extreme.
I have to let this bunny go.
A little bit.


Exclusively for The Bunnington Post by Michael Forest

© Michael Forest 2014

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