The Bunny on the Tube (part three)

What you see is what you get.

Aviation is a concept that goes like this:
You build a very heavy plane and fill it up
with lots of inflammable liquid to make it heavier.
Then you let the passengers enter the plane
just for the purpose of adding some more weight,
and off you go!
Flying high, based on a ridiculous idea.
Some bunnies know better;
you collect certain mushrooms, add a boiled frog,
fry some spiders in the process, digest it,
and you’re flying on your broom c.q. brush through the bunniverse!
Casting your spells, generating your own make-believe experience,
and always having a soft landing.
It’s a hallucinatory hallelujah!
The bunny pictured below, obviously isn’t on a ‘normal’ plane,
but rather, it’s on the astral plane.
It’s bunny witchcraft.
The bunny of wicca.

Just for the sake of remaining sane,
I’d better distance myself from this wicked bunny.
A little bit


Exclusively for the Bunnington Post by Michael Forest

© Michael Forest 2014

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