The Bunny on the Tube (part one)

What you see is what you get.

It can be a frightening experience,
just to look at reality without reacting.
It’s been proven fatal for many, many bunnies  and rabbits as well)
Here you are , on the middle of this highway, staring at the headlights.
Fascinated, that’s the word, the fatal F-word.
There’s another infamous F-word associated with rabbits, but bunnies are different.
The look, pictured below, doesn’t express anger (Fight), fear (Fright), or escapism (Flight).
These three F-words express survival concepts used by Bunnies, Rabbits and even Humans.
The universal stuff.
What you see here, is what you get, and that’s exactly what you’re looking at as well.
It’s Bunny Buddhism!
The Buddha of Bunny.

It’s almost to good to be true.

So, let’s zoom-in on this bunny.
By zooming-out.
A little bit.


Exclusively for the Bunnington Post by Michael Forest

© Michael Forest 2014

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