This much I know: Flopsy


Carpets are a good thing. They lend the mansion that cosy feel, especially after bunstruction.

A waitress is for life, not just for Easter is what I say. Waitress training is a long and arduous process, but rewarding in the end. You can’t put a price on getting served your favourite brekkers on the dot each morning.

Everyone should have two wives, especially in winter, when they complement the carpet. Polyamory is a wonderful thing. Marvellous.

Carrots are overrated. I’m more of a leafy green bun myself. Although you can tempt me with a parsnip any day!

The genius of our dear departed Delores cannot be overestimated. She has done much to promote the healthy bottae and develop the size debate. She is a hard act to follow in the bottae stakes although Katrijn is currently doing a very good job at approximating Delores’ rear size.

I’ll be voting for a lagomorph Pope this time. It’s just that Tia has bunstructed my cardinal’s hat, which is a bit annoying. Not keen on Vatican City this time of year, if I’m honest. Lent, and all that.  I was actually hoping we could do a Facebook poll this time.

Every man-bun needs his cave.

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