Dear Editor: My Valentines

TMFatHome3JPGDear Bouffe, Haas and Katrijn!

All day I have been marvelling at the antics of waiting staff everywhere, who seem to be in a cheesy state of excitement over what they refer to as ‘Valentine’s Day’. Amusing behaviours include buying non-edible flowers, fretting over appearances and sending instead of chewing and tossing postcards. It has made for some very entertaining observing from our viewing platform.

But what strikes me as downright bizarre is that waiters and waitresses appear to think you have to limit yourself to one companion only. Eh?! Anyway, we’re a long way off educating our waiting staff to an acceptable standard. A lagomorph’s work is never done.


Look forward to our upcoming visit to the BP mansion. Mitzi is counting the days! Had to invest in a week’s holiday for our waiting staff as a bribe but it’s worth it! Can’t put a price on friendship…

Affectionate nosebumps from your friend,


PS what do you think of our new carpet? We’re channeling Austrian Ski Lodge this season. You like?


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