Hard at work

Dearest Delores,

You poor thing! We wrote immediately when we read about the dreadful Lanvin disaster yesterday.

How we share your plight! Doesn’t it strike you how waitresses seem increasingly helpless when it comes to doing their jobs? Ours is currently so clueless that we have started to come to the office with her just to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself or breaks anything of importance.

Clearly our presence is very disruptive to her colleagues, because wherever we go, the paps and the helicoptres follow, but her director was literally begging us to come in with her for the time being to sort her out, as he put it. He’s so concerned about her, such a nice fellow, is Huw.

So, what we do is we sit on the desk advising her while one of us does something very cute or fluffy when she does something wrong to distract her colleagues. It’s teamwork, but it seems to be paying off because we’re getting lots of cuddles this way.

Other than being dragged out into a frankly appalling office (no hay, no toys on the floor) to do our waiting staff’s job we’re fine, and hope the news room at the BP continues to stir up newsworthy tidbits for us fellow waiter/waitress owning lagomorphs.

Affectionate nosebumps and a juicy carrot from us all!

Tia, Mitzi & Flopsy

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