Sack the waitress!

I have a mind to sack her once and for all.

It was brought to my attention by the Black Cat that my waiting staff have neglected to look after my wardrobe as per my very clear instructions.

The prosecution enters Exhibit A:

Now, my waitress immediately burst into tears and confessed to all. And instead of graciously accepting her mistake and reconciling herself with her fate – being removed from my inner circle of trusted personnel – she goes out and buys me this:

What is it? I hear you ask. Indeed, those were my exact thoughts. The colour, the shape… Apparently it’s a winter coat.

We’ll never know what goes on in that airy head of hers, but really, what was she thinking? I mean, look at it…

It’s red, it has fake fur in it (and what do I always say about fur, fake or otherwise?) and it stays up all by itself, taking all the fun and art out of getting dressed.

And clearly, it is too big for me. Snarf

Well. We’ll have to make do. Of course I accepted her clumsy attempts to make up for her awful mistake. Haas seems to like her… A bit of a softie, our Haas.

She’ll be on probabtion for now.

1 Comment

  1. What to say…it’s not as brilliant as your orange Lanvin piece, but it can be used for less glamorous tasks, don’t you think? Kind of the equivalent of the tracksuit top/bottom for doing cleaning duties in the house. Or something like it.


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