Darling fans!

I assure you we are quite comfortable in our mansion. Who cares that it was -14 last night? Look:

Although the drinks cabinet somewhat suffered, as the waiter forgot to move the booze to a cosier spot inside…


As you can see, I’m quite content with my lovely spot at the window, my carrot to hand and of course my hot-hot to keep me cosy.

Now then, do follow my example and stuff some more warming foods into your mansions, and never pass up the opportunity for a lovely midnight snack!

1 Comment

  1. Dear Delores, Neville sends warm nosebumps. As a houserabbit, he doesn’t know the cold really, but let me tell you I do! Poor slave that I am, here in Munich, Germany, is currently a max. of -10C, and it will be going back to -18C by tonight. Your hutch looks very cosy, and the blue suits you well. Make sure you get some rolled oats from your waiters, with the cold weather you need some warming food (and warm thoughts, as well as a warm… Bouffe??). Ear and nose rubs,
    Miss YowlYY, Neville’s waitress


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