Home swap

Not feeling too perky. I guess the excitement of the dating game is getting to me… Bit of tummy trouble.

Yes, you guessed it, cue being hauled out of my lovely warm straw nest behind the downstairs window to be fed disgusting meds and having my bottae inspected for Klingonpoo. Potent stuff. How very degrading!

So, being nursed by my concerned waiting staff means living in Bouffe’s bachelor’s pad, while he’s undoubtedly putting his muddy prints all over my soft furnishings and knocking over beer cans in my lounge.


Let’s polish off his food. It’s the least I can do.


  1. Dear Delores, wishing you to get well soon (and yes, I agree that the bum inspection is not a favourite of mine!). Chrismas is around the corner, hopefully it will have some good treats for you.
    Ear and nose rubs,
    Cousin Neville x


    1. Dearest cousin! Thank you for your kind wishes. All is well. Currently letting my waiting staff pamper me, very pleasurable! Am told Bouffe is pining for me in my hutch, so watch this space for some romantic news soon… ears crossed!
      Nosebumps, D.


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