Dear Editor: TMF

Dear Editor,

We were much saddened to hear of our friend Bink’s passing. He shared our fondness for biscuits; he was a bun with very refined tastes. We had much in common: an appreciation of grass, water bowls over bottles and in the case of Tia and Mitzi, ear position.

To mark our friendship, we observed two seconds of solemn silence during playtime. A picture is enclosed. Unfortunately, Tia found a crumb of biscuit at the crucial moment, but you get the idea.

We apologise for the state of the garden. Our waitress has been letting standards slip lately, hence the autumn leaves on our precious lawn. Rest assured that this will be reflected in her six-monthly appraisal.

Right, we’re off to do some sunbathing now, making the most of the October heatwave, as it were. Best regards to you all at the Post, and keep that waitress on her toes! They’re all lazy at heart, so don’t let them get away with it.

Your faithful friends, Tia, Mitzi and Flopsy

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