From Delores

Dear friends!

I am so grateful to know you are with me in your thoughts. Your kind messages have been translated into rather pleasant cuddle sessions which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

It is very quiet in the hutch without my Bink. I was getting increasingly worried about him falling down the step to the ground floor… Which he did a few times, so I lined the step and the floor with a thick layer of hay for him. I’ve since eaten it all.

Breakfast time isn’t nearly as much fun now either. We did love our morning bicker over a leaf of spring greens! I can take my time and leave some for later, as it’s not going to magically disappear, so I guess that is the one benefit.

Playing in the garden is a bit boring too. Bink liked to be chased around a bit, absolutely hilarious he was, it really got me going. Waiter and waitress haven’t needed to calm me down once, because tearing around the grass on your own isn’t half as much fun without sonic booms.

Haas and Katrijn are a little upset not to see Bink, and it took them a while to understand he has gone for good. We still have our little chats in the garden but they are giving me some space. I’m not really in the mood for nipping at Haas’s insolent nose poking through the mazes trying to eat grass on my side of the fence. To be fair, he hasn’t tried to pull any fast ones on me lately… They’re also a bit lazy at the moment (must be the weather) so they’re not really in the mood for some collective racing and chasing at dusk like we used to either.

I’m not feeling up to much mischief at the moment, and I miss my dear fluffmeister’s snorgles a lot. But the food is just as good as it has always been, and that’s the main thing.


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