Goodbye dear Bink

Bink’s last afternoon

Munching on clover

Cuddles from Delores

Favourite treats

Tired and taking a tumble

Bink’s last portrait

27 September 2003-15 September 2011
Adored companion of Spoon (d. 23 December 2008) and Delores
Much missed by many more


  1. So sorry for your loss 😦 I’m honored to have been able to play with Bink, even if only in my dream of many bunnies arriving by post! Cappy, Winston, Ginger, and Lily send their love, and nosebumps and barley biscuits for Delores.


    1. Thank you all… Bink is appearing in my dreams every night now, Special Delivery! My much-missed fuzzy bundle of fun. Nosebumps to everyone from your friend Delores


  2. We are so, so sad to hear this news. Bink was well loved and will be missed by all of us. Nose bumps to Delores, Katrijn and Haas from all of us here at Chez Gozer.


    1. Dear Gozer, my dear friend! Thank you for your kind words. Is it wonderful to know you are thinking of me. Affectionate nosebumps, Delores


  3. I read your post yesterday at the airport, while waiting to take my flight bringing me home, and I had to fight the tears. I am so sad that Bink has now crossed the bridge…I feel for you and Lady Delores, who must be now wondering where’s Bink. I know he’s now playing with Miss Eve, Hugo, Billie Bun and all my bridge bunnies and his head is no longer tilted. I will remember this lovely bunny for a long time, and miss his posts.Hugs to you and cuddles to all the bunnies x x x


    1. Delores says Thank you for the cuddles… We’re all upset and the waiter and waitress come and see me all the time to ensure I’m comfortable. I’m feeling confused, I want my Bink!


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