Bink’s tilt

Dear friends!

Many thanks for your kind wishes. I am well. A bit dizzy… Of course caused by being dragged off to the vet’s and all that fuss, I am sure of it. He makes my head tilt!

I’m enjoying my hay and my dark green veggies. I have my afternoon treats, very nice. It’s just when I get excited about them and race towards the waiter/waitress I make a spectacle of myself by landing on my side… Ahem, very embarassing. Must train waiting staff to serve treats in bed.

My darling Delores is looking after me, not a stray bit of fluff to be seen on this here fellow! She is always up for extended cuddle sessions; after eating cuddling is my favourite passtime as you all know so mustn’t grumble! Very cheerful she is as well, so all in all our mansion continues to radiate contentment.

Got the day off today as it’s raining, so here are some pics from yesterday.

See? Still getting my share of treats…




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