Dearest Haas, Katrijn, Bink and Delores!

Just a quick note from me and the darling wife to let you know we’ve safely moved from the hills of Oxfordshire to Snoozeville, Surrey. Sleepy doesn’t quite cover it – we can’t keep our eyes open in this place! Very relaxing and quiet apart from the hooting owls at night. We’ll have to find a way to shut them up, any recommendations gratefully received!

We have a new courtyard garden which we plan to redesign as soon as we have decided on the new layout. Coffee can’t decide if she wants North-South tunnels in this garden or East-West ones. She has also been smurfing the interwebs to find suitable garden furniture to climb on.

This is an important point – we’re keen to ensure we don’t spoil our waiter and waitress too much by buying expensive presents. Even though they knew they had to get us a bigger garden and we’re pleased with the outcome, they need to know their place in the pecking order hasn’t changed.

We hope all is well at the BP newsdesk. Bit of a bother, that heatwave this week, but I am sure it hasn’t stopped anyone from making mischief.

Affectionate nose bumps from your loyal friends,

Marmalade and Coffee

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