Mitzi’s cheeks

Several letters have arrived in our postbag complimenting me on my amazing cheeks. Let me tell you how valuable these cheeks are in my job.

Of course taste plays the most important part in reviewing restaurants, and my cheeks are a significant aid there. Their pronounced roundness creates extra space for taste to develop and tease my taste buds. Flavours develop as I’m munching, creating an amazing culinary experience that can only be enjoyed if, well, you are me.

But that is not all.

Combined with my loppy ears, my soft fur lightly dusted with cinnamon and my very cute companions, I always secure the best seats in the house.

And that, my dears, is the real secret of any restaurant critic, or self-respecting rabbit for that matter: being able to see what’s going on, getting lots of attention, the best snacks available and being fussed over endlessly tells you all you want to know about a place.

Now then, my dears, I’d better dash. Got a carrot to demolish. It’s a hard life!

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