Guest Editors

The Bunnington Post proudly announces the arrival of three guest editors in our newsroom: Flopsy, Mitzi and Tia.

Flopsy, who has a long track record commenting on wildlife affairs, said upon arrival ‘I have always wanted to do a stint as a guest editor, but so far, my commitments have kept me from making my dream come true. The Bunnington Post’s news coverage on wildlife affairs is well-known. I’m very excited about being here!’.

Mitzi commented on arrival that she was especially looking forward to experiencing the waitress service. Connoisseurs will recognise her from her high-impact restaurant reviews which regularly appear under the nom de plume of Jay Rayner in our sister quality paper, The Guardian.
She said, ‘Arrival at the Bunnington Post restaurant was very friendly, and our food bowl was immediately filled, and hay was attractively arranged. Our table was not immediately ready when we got there, but while we waited the waitress did give some rather lovely nose rubs and a belly scratch’.

Relationships expert Tia has trouble containing her excitement. ‘I am such a fan of Delores’s style, I can’t wait to compare notes with her. She always looks the part, even when she’s digging a tunnel, while being the perfect wife to Bink at all times. Watch this space!’

We certainly will.


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